DyipKo Partners with TRIPKO!

“Mr. Richard Rosales, President of EcoDyip Inc. together with Mrs. Louise Yu, Marketing Director of Journeytech Inc.”

Our vision of providing efficient and comfortable transport services to the Filipinos through our modernized jeepneys is what made us enter into partnership with TRIPKO.

TRIPKO is a reloadable payment card used for public transport including buses and modern jeepneys. It provides commuter convenience and security as it reduces cash handling of the passenger. Since Oct. 23, 2019, this smart card is used in our Lawton to Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) since October 23, 2019. This route covers the stretch of Roxas Boulevard, a portion of Taft Avenue, Manila City Hall, and Lawton. With 200,000 projected passengers from PITX alone, commuters will surely benefit from this transport improvement.

Both the teams of DyipKo and TRIPKO have undergone trainings to ensure convenience, efficiency and superior service quality to the commuting public.

TRIPKO was launched on August 6, 2019 by Journeytech Inc., an IT company that provides innovative business solutions to the motoring, transport and logistics industry. The company was established on January 6, 2010 by Mr. Donavan A. Yu, CEO and Mrs. Louise C. Yu, Marketing Director. This company is focused on digitizing the transportation payment landscape using various payment methods promoting security and efficiency to both the commuters and transport operators.

TRIPKO’s smart card and our introduction of DyipKo, a new and modern fleet, is in line with the government’s initiative to improve the transportation system in our country.

All these modernization and expansion is for the convenience of the commuting public in mind and our sincere way of serving the Filipino people.


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